Refreshing Kitchen Updates

Monday Jun 26th, 2017


You don’t need to break down the walls or strip the cabinets to renew your kitchen. Here are 8 little approaches to sprucing up the kitchen without major remodeling. 1. Choose 3 complimentary colors and update everything you can to match, like paint, towels, rugs, small appliances, canisters, curtains. 2. Change your cabinet and drawer pulls. Buy a size that fits existing holes so you don't need to drill new holes. 3. Add rope lighting under or over your upper... [read more]

More People Closing Off The Kitchen

Monday Jun 5th, 2017


For years the concept of a grand room with an open kitchen has been all the rage. As a result, countless walls have been knocked down and it’s rare to find newer houses without open kitchens. But is the tide turning? Are we returning to days when the kitchen was an isolated room where smells were trapped and messes hidden? Increasingly, home builders are hearing requests from customers for a closed-off kitchen, and remodeling companies are being asked to put the walls... [read more]