Lost Jobs Lead To New Opportunities

Friday Oct 19th, 2018


According to a CareerBuilder survey, 54 percent of people who landed new jobs last year found themselves working in new fields. If you’re searching for a job, this may be an opportunity to explore something you’ve always wanted to do, like these people: ¨ A financial advisor became a school teacher. ¨ A school teacher became a restaurant manager. ¨ A restaurant manager turned computer tech. ¨ A computer tech became a veterinary... [read more]

Preparing for a Rainy Day

Friday Jul 7th, 2017


Financial planning experts recommend having an emergency fund in case something unexpected like a layoff or injury interrupts your paycheck. Your safety net should cover at least six months’ worth of living expenses. Here’s how to calculate what you need to save: · Gather your financial records for the past 12 months. Include bank and credit card statements, ATM receipts, and canceled checks. · Create a 12-month grid. Down the left-hand side note all... [read more]

Spring Cleaning: Do Fabrics First

Monday Jun 5th, 2017


Fabrics that have absorbed a winter’s worth of dirt, body oil, and germs will need a deep cleaning to get them ready for another year of wear. That usually means using a carpet cleaner to shampoo carpets and clean upholstery. When renting a carpet cleaner, practice first in an unobtrusive area to make sure you have the knack of the machine and that the treatment won’t discolor fabrics or cause dyes to run. Move furniture just slightly—not out of the room or against the... [read more]