To-Dos: Your March Home Checklist

Tuesday Mar 5th, 2019


Get ready for sunnier days, whether you have an hour or a weekend to spare. The first official day of spring is March 20. So whether there’s still snow on the ground or flowers in bloom, you can rest assured that nicer weather is on its way. Usher in the new season with a bit of spring cleaning, some fresh flowers and — if you can get outdoors — a little dirt under your fingernails. Things to Check Off Your List in an Hour or Less 1. Make mirrors and table lamps... [read more]

Flowers Know When To Bloom

Wednesday Feb 27th, 2019


Scientists have known since the 1930s that plants sense the length of the days and, somehow, use that information to decide when to flower. Russian scientists back then speculated that a mysterious substance must be transported from leaves to shoot tips, stimulating the formation of flower buds. They called the mystery chemical “florigen.” In 2005, a trio of new studies revealed how it works, including why flowers spring forth in certain spots on a plant. The findings were... [read more]

Spring Cleaning: Do Fabrics First

Monday Jun 5th, 2017


Fabrics that have absorbed a winter’s worth of dirt, body oil, and germs will need a deep cleaning to get them ready for another year of wear. That usually means using a carpet cleaner to shampoo carpets and clean upholstery. When renting a carpet cleaner, practice first in an unobtrusive area to make sure you have the knack of the machine and that the treatment won’t discolor fabrics or cause dyes to run. Move furniture just slightly—not out of the room or against the... [read more]