10 Ways to Protect Your Home While on Vacation

Sunday Jun 20th, 2021


Have summer vacation plans? Whether it is a weekend, week, or just a quick overnight stay, you want to ensure that your home and your belongings are safe whenever you leave. Check out this checklist of things to do before you leave your home for vacation.

Follow these tips to get a little peace of mind while on your summer vacation.

  1. Get a Home Security System
    Get a security system and make sure you advertise that you have one. If possible, get a video security system that will allow you to monitor your home remotely.


  1. Stay Off Social Media
    It’s hard not to post vacation pics on social media, but you should hold off to keep your home safe. Post your pics when you get home.


  1. Keep Your Yard Maintained
    Weeds and overgrown grass is a sure sign that nobody is home. Have someone trim your lawn while you are away.


  1. Hold Mail and Deliveries
    Have the post office hold your mail. Make sure that you do not have any package deliveries while you are gone.


  1. Install Proper Exterior Lights
    Install outside lights that are on a timer or that have movement sensors.


  1. Install Timers on Your Interior Lights
    Schedule timers to turn on a few inside lights to make it look like someone is home.


  1. Have a Trusted Friend Watch Your Home
    If you have a friend in the community, ask then to keep an eye on your home while you are away. Ask them to take in your trash.


  1. Secure Your Garage Door
    Lock your garage door and the door that you enter from your garage door.


  1. Lock Your Sliding Doors and Windows (Even on the Second Floor)
    Make sure that all your windows and doors are locked. Double-check windows on your second storey.             


  1. Keep Your Blinds Open (If you usually do)
    If you usually leave your blinds open, keep it that way. Your home will look like someone is home.


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