12 Cute Mother's Day Crafts for Kids That Truly Make Mom Feel Appreciated

Wednesday Apr 29th, 2020


1.  Pom Pom Flower Box

If Mom loves flowers, fill up a window box for her with bright, beautiful blooms. This project requires a hot glue gun, and some supervision from an adult, but when it's done Mom will be delighted.


2.  Crayon Candle

This project is a two-in-one: It makes a cute candle for Mom, and it also uses up those crayon nubs that are too small to color with. Be sure to include Mom's favorite colors!


3.  Painted Rock Garden Markers

A gift that's both beautiful and practical, these rocks help Mom remember where she planted her herbs and veggies in her garden. If she's not the green-thumb type, you can use the technique to make a desk paperweight.


4.  Scrabble-Tile Frame

The best thing about a Scrabble-tile frame is that you can personalize it however you want: Include Mom's name, the kids' names, or even hobbies she likes to do.


5.  Pom Animal Card

There's nothing cuter than a mama animal showing love to her babies. For this 3D card, kids can make a family of chicks, penguins, or — our favorite — flamingoes. Or they can include all three!


6.  Fingerprint Heart Keepsake

This craft is perfect for a first Mother's Day, since even the tiniest ones can do it (with a little help) and make art to save forever. The mini-canvas (with easel!) makes it look like your baby's a pro already.


7.  Painted Pot Holders

If Mom loves to cook, give her something that'll make her smile every time she enters the kitchen. All you have to do is start with DIY canvas pot holders.


8.  Fingerprint Mug

The butterflies on this mug are made from kid fingerprints, so they're truly one-of-a-kind. It makes for a gift that's pretty, and also useful.


9.  Flower Wreath

Felt, pom poms, and the secret ingredient — egg cartons! — are transformed into a beautiful wreath you can display all spring and summer long. Making the flowers and letting them dry, then gluing them to the wreath and adding the pom-pom centers is a multi-step process, so this is better for older (and more patient) crafters.


10. Thumbprint Planter

The petals on this planter are also made from a child's thumbprint. The end result is both pretty enough to display in the garden, and a meaningful snapshot of how small their little hands can be.


11. Picture-Frame Vase

Acrylic paint can turn any jar into a planter that Mom would love to put on a table or a shelf. But leave a heart-shaped opening for a baby picture (clear contact paper helps you from accidentally painting in the heart area), and the project becomes extra special.


12. Felt Flower Bookmarks

If Mom is a reader, she'd love a sunny bookmark to help hold her place. The petals are made of felt and finished off with a button center, but the project requires no sewing.



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