15 Seconds of Fame

Friday Dec 22nd, 2017


Miami Dolphins football coach Don Shula tells of being on vacation with his wife and two children in a small town in Maine.  They went together to the local movie theater, and when they walked down the aisle, the 12 people in the theater stood and applauded.

As the Shulas took their seats, Don said to his wife, “It’s just amazing.  Sometimes I forget the power of network television and the level of interest in the game today.  These people must get every Dolphin game all the way up here.  And that standing ovation shows how strongly they feel about football.”

At that point, one of the other customers came down to the row where the Shulas were sitting.  “Excuse me, sir,” the man said. “I don’t know who you are, but we sure are glad to see you.  The manager said if we didn’t get four more people tonight, he wasn’t going to show the movie.”


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