5 Cheery Living Room Decor Ideas We Stole From Instagram While Self-Quarantining

Monday Mar 23rd, 2020


With spring's recent arrival, it’s a hard time to be stuck at home. If you’ve joined the millions of Americans in a self-quarantine recently, then we’d bet you’re going a little stir-crazy by now—and ready for a change of scenery from the four walls of your living room.

But there's good news! You can practice social distancing and shake up your view all at the same time. For inspiration, we took to Instagram (as we do every week) to seek out the living room looks that are earning the most likes. With expert input from top designers, these five living room decor ideas will bring all the warmth of spring back into your space, and (hopefully) make your time at home a little brighter.

The best news? We've identified the items you can buy or make to get the look—and you don't even have to leave your couch to do so.

1. Faux fireplace

Fireplaces aren’t just for the winter, as we can see in this post from @thecheshiregreyhome. They certainly make a stunning addition to your living room, even as we head into warmer weather.

But what if you don't have one? Not a problem!

“Everyone wants a fireplace in their living room but can’t always have it because they’re so expensive to install,” says Doreen Amico-Sorell of Sorell Interiors. “Enter: the faux fireplace. This is that design element that adds a lot to the room by creating a focal point—without breaking the bank. They can be dressed up with candles or firewood to set the desired scene, and constructed to fit any decor.”

2. White floor vases

All-white interiors might be out, but white floor vases like we see in this post from @staybycorisamuel certainly aren’t.

“White floor vases are the most flexible accessory that will enhance any decor,” Amico-Sorell says. “They can be grouped together or placed in various parts of the living room. They can be filled with botanicals or left empty for their artistic quality.”

3. Ultralow coffee table

Looking for a new coffee table that will work even in your cramped living room? Look no further than this ultralow and modern design featured by @homeaura.

“Ultralow coffee tables are meant to be used in a very modern aesthetic, and should be paired with lower-profile seating," Amico-Sorell says. "The advantage is that, due to their low, sleek lines, they work well in smaller-scale rooms.”

4. Stacks of coffee table books

Coffee table books aren’t just a great way to make your at-home time go by faster—they’re also an affordable decor item that will add even more bright color to your living space. The proof is in this post from @thehomepageuk.

“Designers love coffee table books, and there’s a reason,” says Amanda Amato-Scotto of AMA Designs & Interiors. “Books on a coffee table add height to accessories, and the secret technique to styling is to layer in varying heights and texture. A single accessory is lonely, but pop it on top of a book with another item? Now it's interesting.”

5. Pastel accents

“If you’re hesitant to experiment with bold color, pastels are a great way to introduce color,” says Amato-Scotto. “While pastels are still very vibrant, their neutrality is just enough to change the mood of your space without too much contrast.”

 | Mar 19, 2020

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