5x5 Exercise

Thursday Feb 21st, 2019


Too tired to work out? Too busy? Too...whatever? Here's a way to slip exercise into your day without heading to the gym or breaking for a long period.

5x5 exercise means to exercise vigorously five times per day for five minutes each time.

When you get up in the morning, do morning calesthenics. Take five to do jumping jacks, run in place, do burpees, or put on the music and dance. Five minutes goes by quickly.

On morning and afternoon breaks at work, instead of lounging in the smoking area, take a brisk five minute power walk, run up and down the stairs, or do stomach crunches in the lounge.

Before going to lunch, do more of the same for five minutes.

And when you get home in the evening, before you eat or sit down to watch TV, slip in some hula hooping, dancing, a brisk walk, burpees, etc.

Before you know it, you've slipped 25 minutes of exercise into your day. Mix up your exercise types to include both aerobic and strength exercises. Aerobic exercises are those that keep you moving—running, walking, swimming, dancing. Strength exercises involve resistance—push ups, weights, sit-ups, yoga.


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