6 Cheap & Simple Tips to Improve Curb Appeal

Tuesday Mar 08th, 2022


Every real estate agent knows how important first impressions are when selling a home, which is why optimizing a property’s curb appeal is essential.

Sadly, not every client has the budget to carry out a complete exterior facelift, but you don’t always need to spend thousands of dollars to make the right impression.

Today, we’re going to be sharing 6 cheap and easy tips on how to spruce up the outside of a property without having to spend a small fortune. 

Let’s get started.

1. Clean up the clutter

Rule 101 for boosting curb appeal is making sure the outside area, particularly the front aspect, is clean and clutter-free.

This doesn’t have to mean a picture-perfect lawn and sky-rocketing landscaping bills. Instead, the focus is on removing any unsightly or unwanted items and ensuring outside areas feel clean and fresh. Otherwise, clutter and dirt can distract buyers from seeing the real value of the property, and may even put them off the idea of viewing it at all.

Tackle clutter head-on by sweeping up old leaves, trimming back overgrown bushes and trees, clearing pathways and jet washing patios, and weeding flower beds to make everything look neat and tidy.

These are all things you can do on a tight budget as, even if you don’t have a jet wash machine, you can hire them by the day to keep costs down.

2. Make front doors a focal point

Think of the entrance to a home as a movie trailer or an appetizer that gives potential buyers a little taste of what’s inside.

To do this, you’ll want to make sure the front door is the focal point and the first thing the eye is drawn to on arrival. 

In the name of affordability, a fresh lick of paint in a striking color can do wonders when it comes to creating that attention-grabbing doorway that lures buyers in.

Naturally, the door color should stand out, but be careful not to go for anything too garish, as this could turn potential buyers off. Safe shade options include white, cream, gray, and black. If you want to be a little more daring,popular front door colours like sage green, dark red and sky blue always work well, too.

Complete the look with new coordinated hardware. From door handles and house numbers to light fixtures and mounted mailboxes, paying attention to these small elements will guarantee a smart and stylish finish that tantalizes potential buyers on arrival. 

3. Invest in potted plants

When it comes to upping the curb appeal of a property, plants can go a long way and, with the right choices, you won’t have to worry too much about cost. 

For front porches, symmetrical planters on either side of the front door are a pocket-friendly addition that instantly adds a touch of grandeur.

Equally, a colorful collection of flower containers running up the side of pathways and porch steps can deliver that impactful, inviting touch buyers will love—and the good news is these can be relocated and repurposed once the property is sold.

Other ideas include adding window boxes with a mixture of herbs and aromatic flowers. Perfect for giving off that rustic, country vibe, they can instantly make a house feel more like a home.

4. Tackle small repairs 

From faulty guttering and loose roof tiles to a wobbly paving stone and flaky paintwork, the finer details count when you’re selling a house. 

For sellers, it can seem pointless to invest in repairs on a house they’re not going to live in. For buyers, though, these little flaws present ideal bargaining chips, slowly eating their way into your client’s sale price. 

That’s why it’s worth encouraging clients to invest in repairing exterior issues. For one, fixing these issues can protect the integrity of the property long term. Secondly, it can significantly boost the home’s curb appeal—giving buyers one less issue they can use to knock down the sale price.

From revamping patios with some affordable, stylish outdoor tiles to fixing leaking gutters, the price of tackling repairs before selling should deliver a worthwhile return on investment.

5. Impress with outdoor lighting

Many sellers overlook the value that outdoor lighting can bring to their property, so it can be worth explaining the rewards that come with spending a little money on this important design feature.

Firstly, well-positioned lighting can help to enhance the aesthetics of a property, particularly with evening viewings.

However, a well-lit home also gives the impression a property is safe and secure at night, which can be a key selling point for many buyers.

Installing electric cable lights will inevitably cost more, especially in larger properties. However, shopping the sales for cheap light fittings or even using some solar-powered lights can help to make outdoor light installation more affordable. Just make sure solar lights are positioned in sunny spots to maximize their performance.

6. Set the scene

Property staging isn’t just for inside the home—you also need to make outside areas feel aspirational for potential buyers. This allows them to better visualize themselves living in the property.

Polish up the front of the property by staging balconies, porches, and patios with a few cost-effective touches to ensure they get their fair share of TLC.

Make porches feel as welcoming as possible with comfy seating and plenty of potted plants. You can also set up outdoor dining areas to show how the space can be used. Even in poor weather, a dining table and chairs in situ (minus the cushions) can help buyers to imagine how they’d use the space. 

When it comes to selling any property, it’s often worth spending that little bit of extra time and money to improve its curb appeal and bag a better sale price. With these quick, easy, and affordable tips, you can show your clients they don’t need to spend big to make a lasting impression.

With the right improvements, focused on small yet meaningful aesthetic updates, sellers can make a big impact on a budget.


Author: Suhayl Laher

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