Personal Productivity Trick

Thursday Sep 26th, 2019


If you tend to procrastinate, or drag your feet getting a task done, here's a simple technique that might help: Start using a timer. If you avoid tasks like cleaning the house, set the timer on your stove or phone for 15 minutes, then make an agreement with yourself to clean like mad for just those 15 minutes. The timer has a way of making the task more bearable because it has an end time. You can "bear" it for 15 minutes. It's likely that you'll keep going after that... [read more]

Passion for Learning

Thursday Feb 21st, 2019


Socrates was once approached by a man who asked the great teacher to help him to become a better student. The master took the would-be student into the water and suddenly pushed him under and held him there. Surging to the surface, out of breath, the young man gasped, “Why did you do that?” Socrates answered, “When you want to learn as badly as you wanted to breathe, you will.”   [read more]

Why Squinting Helps Us See Better

Wednesday Aug 23rd, 2017


The eyeball is an amazing piece of human architecture. But because of its complexity, it can easily fail. The most common way for the eyeball to fail is for it to lose its elasticity. When that happens, light entering the eyeball is minutely diffracted (spread) throwing off the focus, resulting in near- or farsightedness. The result is a need for glasses to compensate and refocus the light before it hits our eyes. Another way to focus incoming light is to squint, which both reshapes the... [read more]



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