Backyard Fire Pit Ideas for Romantic Summer Nights

Friday Jun 30th, 2023


Nothing adds ambiance and brings the heat to your backyard quite like an outdoor fire pit. It's fun and nostalgic to gather around the flames whether you're roasting marshmallows for s'mores on a summer night or hanging out with hot apple cider in the fall. Design-wise, fire pits are also a great way to add a focal point to your backyard landscaping, making it feel more considered and comprehensive. You can use one to anchor a patio, complement an outdoor fireplace, or set a cozy scene near an outdoor dining table.

A backyard fire pit doesn't have to be an expensive addition, either. The cheapest way to DIY a fire pit is with cinder blocks, which cost just a dollar a piece at The Home Depot. From affordable yet stylish steel fire bowl options to built-in designs decked out with lava rocks and bespoke tile, there are plenty of backyard fire pit ideas out there to suit any budget.

Pro tip: To make sure your fire pit brings only warmth and not an abundance of smoke to your party, burn only well-seasoned firewood and avoid green leaves or newspaper. The more moisture in your burning materials, the more smoke.

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