Cell Phone Civility

Wednesday Mar 28th, 2018


Cell phones sometimes seem to create as many problems as they solve.  To smooth over the rough spots, CellPhones.org put together this list of cell phone etiquette tips:

Lower your voice.  Don’t force everyone around you to listen to your half of the conversation.

Avoid personal subjects.  Resist the temptation to overshare where complete strangers can listen to your intimate secrets.

Don’t take calls (or text) when talking to someone else.  If you absolutely must take the call, excuse yourself and keep it brief.

Silence your ringer in theaters.  Put it on vibrate, and don’t answer your phone while others are watching the movie, play, or performance.

Don’t get mad about dropped calls.  If you make 100 calls per week you’ll lose two to four calls every week.  Don’t blame the other person for a dropped call.  It happens.

Keep your distance.  Whenever possible, stay at least 10 feet away from others when talking on your phone.


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