Charisma Can Be Developed

Monday May 06th, 2019


Charisma means “divine gift,” and it’s used to describe people with powerful charm and personal magnetism. But it’s not always a gift—many people develop charisma by learning how to connect with people. You can too, using these techniques:

Physical presence—Whether or not you’re handsome or beautiful, you can boost your physical charisma:

· Take care of your overall health. Healthy people are more attractive.

· Make direct eye contact with other people when speaking.

· Dress well.

· Stand and walk straight, with your head held high.

Emotional connection—This is a vitally important aspect of charisma. Connect emotionally with people in these ways:

· Practice being clear and positive when communicating.

·  Focus on the people you’re trying to connect with, not on your own needs.

· Listen without interrupting. Comment on what they said instead of launching into your story.

· Express an optimistic outlook—people like to follow upbeat people.

Intellectual connection—Charismatic people engage other people’s minds:

        · Expand your reading to include literary interests, not just business books.

        · Take a class in a subject you don’t know enough about.

         · Develop and use a better vocabulary.


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