Commonly Confused Contractions

Friday Sep 29th, 2017


Don’t let the misuse of contractions detract from your writing.  Here are some commonly confused possessive pronouns and contractions:

Whose:  a possessive pronoun.  Do you know whose book is missing?

Who’s:  the contraction of “who is.”  Who’s coming to visit?

Your:  a possessive pronoun.  This is your life.

You’re:  the contraction of “you are.”  You’re just in time for dinner.

Its:  a possessive pronoun.  Put the book on its side.

It’s:  the contraction of “it is.”  It’s a little confusing.

Their:  a possessive pronoun.  They took their time.

They’re:  the contraction of “they are.”  They’re my best students.


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