Different Ways To Honour Dad

Wednesday May 30th, 2018


Fathers play a special, irreplaceable role in our lives, and Father’s Day is a great time to let them know that. On June 17, skip the tie and tell all the  special, irreplaceable dads in your life what they mean to you from the bottom of your heart. Some suggestions:

Write a letter thanking your father/uncle/grandfather/ brother/son for all he’s done and all he means to you.  Read it in front of him and the whole family. You can frame it and even add photos or other mementos.

Create a thank-you book.  Buy a small book of blank pages.  On each page, write why you’re thankful for him.  For example, “Thanks, Dad, for all the help you provided on my algebra homework when I was a kid.”  Send it around to family members and invite them to contribute the reasons they’re grateful.

Create a review of the dad’s life. Get family members and friends to write down their memories, then assemble all the stories in a binder or scrapbook and present it to him.

Make a date.  The most precious gift you can give or receive is time. Schedule some uninterrupted, relaxing, one-on-one time together to go for a walk, share a meal, catch a movie, or do whatever he’d most like to do.


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