Dogs Need a Break from the Sun, Too

Tuesday Jul 31st, 2018


When the temperature gets up there and you’re wearing shorts and a tank top, remember: your best friend has a fur coat on. Besides panting, do you know what dogs do to tell you when they’ve had too much fun in the sun?

  • Heavy panting
  • His tongue and mucous membranes are bright red.
  • His saliva is thick and sticky

It’s important to act immediately if a dog has any of the above symptoms.

First, move your dog out of the sun (or heat) to an area where there is cool air circulating, such as into an air-conditioned room or at least in the shade where there is a breeze. Cool air will help your dog to reduce his temperature. Give him water, but don’t let him drink too much. Cool him off with cool water by immersing him in a bath, gently hosing him off, or applying cool towels to his body. Importantly, do not leave wet towels on your dog and do not use very cold water. These things will keep your dog’s body from being able to cool off and recover.

Advanced signs of heat distress include vomiting, unsteadiness on his feet, and if the dog’s lips and mucous membranes turn gray, it is going into shock. Life-saving measures must be undertaken immediately. Follow the guidelines above to bring down the dog’s temperature as quickly as possible while summoning help to get the dog to the nearest animal hospital.

Don’t forget that when the ground is too hot for your bare feet, it’s also too ho for your dog’s feet.

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