Don’t Cut Back on These Necessities

Tuesday Jul 31st, 2018


You can’t be too careful with your money these days, but no matter how tough things get, there are a few areas where the term “pennywise and pound foolish may come into play.” You’ll save money in the long run by continuing to  allocate your funds to these items:

Medical fees. It’s cheaper to see your doctor and dentist regularly so you can take care of problems before they become serious health    issues. These days, more health care providers are sensitive to their patients’ financial needs, too, and are working to keep their costs down.

Insurance. The premiums are expensive, but a car accident or a   hospital stay will cost many times that amount. It’s not worth the risk.

Home and car maintenance. Invest in the upkeep of your house and your car to avoid bigger expenses should something go wrong.  Just maintaining proper tire pressure can save you money on gas, and an oil change is so much cheaper than an engine!

Good food. Prepackaged food and fast food may seem less expensive, but if they’re bad for you, you aren’t getting a bargain. Invest in nutrition, not just salt and fat. If you buy fresh food, you will be investing in your health, not just quieting hunger pangs.


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