Driving Gas Savings

Saturday Jun 19th, 2021


Like death and taxes, rising gas prices are unavoidable, especially in the summer. Here are some tips for saving money at the gas pump:

· Drive more slowly on the open road. The most fuel-efficient speed may be the point at which your car shifts to high gear, somewhere around 50mph/80kph. Going faster in high gear will further reduce efficiency.

· Avoid drag. Get rid of roof racks. Avoid carrying equipment outside of the car on long trips. If buying a new car, consider the sleeker models rather than boxy models. Drag can reduce gas mileage significantly.

· Avoid slow and go driving, where you race up to a stop or behind another car, brake, then accelerate again.

· Don't be idle. Letting your car run when you’re not going anywhere wastes fuel—you can burn through one-eighth of a gallon idling your motor for 10 minutes. Turn off your engine if you expect to be stationary for more than 30 seconds.

· Stay in tune. Change air filters, motor oil, and spark plugs, regularly.

· Inflate tires correctly. Check your tire pressure often when the air temperature fluctuates. Hot air will have higher pressure, and cool air will have lower pressure. If you make radical adjustments based on air temperature, be sure to recheck the pressure again frequently.

· Fill up on gas often whenever you see a low-priced gas station rather than waiting until you’re down to your last drops and can’t look for the best price.


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