Easter Cookie Decorating Fun

Friday Mar 18th, 2022


Easter Cookie decorating parties are everyone’s favorite. You can decorate cookies with your family or friends or why not get the kids together and keep them busy for hours? Nothing beats a warm kitchen, the smell of cookies, and the glow of excitement on everyone’s cheeks.

Things to do ahead of time

Pick three to four cookie cutters that match your theme

Three or four cookie shapes is plenty and makes prep easy. Select cookie cutters that require basic decorating, like carrot cookie cutter, bunny face, and egg shape.

Buy some fun sprinkles and edible icing decorations

Sprinkles are what makes a cookie decorating party extra fun and allows everyone to get creative. You’ll want lots of icing eyes, sanding sugar, jimmes and edible pearls.

Pick a Color Palette

One easy way to make sure everyone’s cookies look great is to select a color theme for them. Instead of mixing up every color under the sun, pick three or four. This way, all the colors go great together.

Make Cookie Dough and Bake

You can make and freeze this cookie dough beforehand. Be sure to remove the dough from the freezer, and let it thaw in the refrigerator at least two days before you plan to bake your cookies. You can bake your cookies two days before your party, store them in covered plastic containers.

Make Royal Icing

Make and store color royal icing up to a week before your party, it’s quick and easy to make! Color with Gel food Colouring, just a few drops it all you’ll need to make beautiful vibrant colors. Store in covered containers in the refrigerator until you are ready to use them. The day of the party, scoop royal icing into disposable piping bags, just snip the tip of the bag and you’re ready to go!

The Day of the Party 

Set up workspace

Set up a large table with sprinkles, royal icing filled piping bags, spatulas, and baked cookies.

Line each place setting with a piece of parchment paper for your guests to work over. Pour sprinkles out of pouches into small prep bowls for easy sharing and sprinkling, this makes it especially easy for kids to grab the sprinkles with their tiny hands.

Have extra parchment paper sheets laid out on a separate table to set cookies on to dry, keep your decorated cookies on a different table to avoid an elbow accidentally hitting your masterpiece.

Decorate and have fun!

Let your guests have a ball decorating their cookies and leave perfectionism at the door. Let the cookies set for at least an hour before guests bring them home. The icing still won’t be fully hard, so handle the decorated cookies with care. Make sure you have some cake boxes ready for guests to store their cookies in during the drive home, place the cookies in a single layer inside the boxes.

Give yourself a pat on the back, you just hosted a cookie decorating party your friends and family will look forward to year after year!

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