Eating Smart

Sunday Apr 18th, 2021


Want to get smarter? Watch what you eat. No guarantees, but try some of these mental boosters:

· Walnuts. A Spanish study found that people who eat a small handful of walnuts each day saw their memory improve by 19 percent.

· Coffee. It helps you wake up, and a British study suggests that just 20-30 milligrams of caffeine (less than one cup) can enhance mental agility.

· Spinach. The magnesium in Popeye’s favorite food may not make you instantly stronger, but it can increase the blood flow to your brain.

· Mussels. Mussels provide high levels of vitamin B12, which can help insulate your brain cells as you age.

· Asparagus. Eating your vegetables is good for you. Asparagus is packed with folate, which can decrease the risk of depression.



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