February Factoids

Friday Jan 31st, 2020


· In the northern half of the earth, February is the coldest month of the year, opposite of the southern half,  which experiences the hottest month.

· The second day of February is a whimsical day called Ground Hog's Day. The story goes that the ground hog comes out of his burrow on February 2 to look for his shadow. If there is sunshine and he sees his shadow, then he goes back into his burrow to sleep for six more weeks of winter. If he doesn't see his shadow, then he comes out and readies for an early Spring.

· Valentine's Day is celebrated on February 14 in most western countries. It’s a day for exchanging cards with loved ones in a tradition that dates back to the 1400's.

· National Flag of Canada Day is February 15. The Canadian national flag, also known as the "maple leaf flag", is flown on public buildings and homes. Some people wear flag pins. Many schools hold special lessons on the    Canadian national flag’s history around this time of the year.

· Monday, February 18 is Presidents’ Day in the U.S. Both Washington and Lincoln's birthdays were in February, so they're celebrated together. It is officially a Federal holiday for the celebration of their birthdays.


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