Four Steps for Beating Post-Vacation Blues

Tuesday Jul 31st, 2018


If your vacation should have relaxed and recharged you why can going back to work be so hard?  It takes two days to come back up to speed after a two-week vacation, according to researchers.

Here are a few ideas to minimize that deer-in-the-headlights feeling when you go back to work:

Let others know your plans. Let clients and co-workers know when you’ll be away and give them alternative contacts. You’ll reduce the number of messages waiting for you at the office when you return.

Don’t set your alarm clock on vacation! Don’t try to cram so many activities into every minute of your trip that you don’t leave time to actually relax. You don’t want to return to work wound up.

Ease back into it. If you can possibly arrange it, make your first day back a half-day. You can take care of the most pressing issues before diving back in.

Most importantly, it makes sense to plan your return from vacation so that you leave yourself time back home to unpack and unwind from traveling before you go back to work.


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