How to Decorate with Houseplants

Thursday Aug 19th, 2021


By growing Houseplants, you’ll get to know your home better. That dark corner that gets no sunlight could be perfect environment for a fern. The sunny bathroom windowsill can house an orchid. Your home has potential to be a thriving indoor garden, you just don’t know it yet. Here are a few tips to keep in mind as you bring more plants home:

Arrange in Odd Numbers

When you can, group plants in an odd number. Using an even number can look symmetrical, making the arrangement look more formal. Odd numbers give more casual look. 

Choose Different Sizes

Group together plants with different widths and heights. The difference in size gives a more organic look than plants of the same size, which look uniform.

Think About Leaf Shapes

Choose plants with different shapes and growth types. For example, place a squat trailing plant (pothos), a fountainlike plant (dracaerna), and a tall plant with upward leaves (foddle leaf fig tree) together for an arrangement with interest and harmony.

Include Plants with Colorful Leaves

Pay attention to the color of the plants you choose. For a cohesive look, put plants together that have leaves of the same color. For more variety, go for plants with foilage of different.

Use Plenty of Decorative Pots

Like with color, choosing pots can go one of two ways based on personal preference. You can use pots with similar finishes and colors to make the arrangement look like a set. Or you can combine all your favourite pots of different materials and colors for an eclectic finish.

Don't Forget Houseplant Care When grouping houseplants, also consider their needs and condition preferences. For example, group plants that need humidity, such as ferns closely with other plants that have the same needs to create a pocket of moisture for every plant involved. Also, take temperature and light needs into account—placing a shade-loving and a sun-loving plant in the same area of the home will make it hard for one (or both) of the plants to survive.

By Jenny Krane and Andrea Beck


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