How to Use Mirrors to Bring Light Into a Room.

Friday Apr 22nd, 2022


Whether your rooms are big or small, light plays an important role in design. Making the most of the light within your interior spaces reduces the need for more fixtures, which reduces energy bills. Light also enhances the color and beauty of the elements within the room. Mirrors reflect light instead of absorbing it, so they trick the eye into thinking the room is brighter and larger, depending on where they are placed. Also hang mirrors across the windows they bounce the light around make rooms feel so much brighter.


If you’re decorating a large room and want more light without a cavernous or cold feel, place mirrors near a lighting source, but not directly in front of it or it may blind you by reflecting the bulb. For example, hang mirrors next to wall sconces, or hang a long mirror on a wall beneath a chandelier. Reflect natural light from a window by hanging a mirror on the wall adjacent to the window or across from it. When a mirror is hung directly across from a window in a small room, it gives the illusion of another window, which instantly brightens the room and makes it feel more spacious.


Large mirrors are typically the best way to reflect the most light into a space, particularly if you want to make it look bigger as well as brighter. While a small mirror by itself will not reflect a lot of light back into your room, small mirrors can still brighten a space if they’re placed in groupings. A mirror collage on a wall opposite a window or below a light source also adds a focal point to your room as it brightens.

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