Is It Furnace Checkup Time?

Thursday Oct 26th, 2017


It’s that time of year, and the Red Cross offers these safety tips on furnace maintenance:

· Don’t attempt repairs yourself unless you’re a qualified professional.

· Have your furnace checked and cleaned regularly by a qualified repairperson.

· Make sure all furnace automatic controls and emergency shut-off valves are in working condition.

· Have the repairperson check the wall and ceiling near the furnace and flue.  If they’re hot, more insulation or clearance may be needed.

· Check to see that flue pipes are well supported, free of holes, and clean.

· Make sure the chimney is solid with no cracks or loose bricks.

· All flue openings that aren’t being used should be sealed with solid masonry.

· Keep trash and combustible storage items away from the heating system.


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