Make Your Kid's Car Last

Thursday Jun 18th, 2020


As kids head off to college soon, many will be driving an old family car they've been given. For them, and for future generations of kids who are waiting for their chance at your car, here are some tips for making your car last longer:

Battery: Keeping your car battery at full charge will extend its lifetime. Avoid using the radio, headlights, interior lights or other accessories when the engine is off. A new battery can cost your teen $50 to $100, and you don't want to leave them stranded with a dead battery.

Gas Tank: Keep your tank as full as possible at all times. Most gas tanks are made of metal. A partially empty tank could rust, causing rust particles to flake off and clog fuel lines and filters. This could take years to happen, but if you want to make your car last, do everything to save your kids from a costly fuel system repair down the road.

      Tires: Underinflated tires not only hurt gas mileage but also cause your tires to wear out 25% to 50% faster than correctly inflated tires.

      Oil: Oil captures contaminants that can contribute to your car's wear and tear, and the less often you change your oil the more these contaminants build up, causing deposits that reduce engine function over time. Make sure you change your          oil at the recommended time.


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