Now That’s A Tough CEO

Monday Jun 05th, 2017


A corporation brought in a tough new CEO to shake things up. Touring the facilities on his first day, the new CEO spotted a young man leaning against a wall while other employees were working hard around him.

He marched up to the man. “You! How much do you make in a week?”

Confused and alarmed, the young man stammered, “About $300.”

“Here.” The new CEO pulled out his wallet and thrust $300 in cash at the man. “Go home, and don’t come back.”

“Yes, sir.” The man took the money and immediately ran away.

Proud of his tough image, the CEO turned to a nearby group of employees who had stopped to watch. “What was his job, anyway?” he asked.

They eyed each other nervously. Finally one said, “He’s the pizza delivery guy from down the street.”

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