Question Assumptions

Sunday Apr 18th, 2021


Here’s why you should always question your assumptions:

Late at night, a doctor’s phone rang. He answered it groggily. “Hello?”

“Dr. Jones? This is Dave Mitchell. I’m sorry to call so late, but my wife has this sharp pain in her side. It’s tender when I touch it, and I wonder if I should take her to the hospital.”

The doctor recognized his patient’s voice. “That’s all right, Dave. Just give her a few aspirin; I’m sure she’ll be fine.”

Dave called back a few minutes later. “Doctor, are you sure about this? My wife thinks it might be appendicitis.”

“It’s not appendicitis,” the doctor said curtly. “Maybe it’s something she ate.”

“How can you be sure?”

“Because I removed your wife’s appendix seven or eight years ago. I remember it clearly. And no one grows a second appendix.”

Dave paused. “Yes, but some people have a second wife.”


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