Quick Pick-Me-Ups

Tuesday Jul 31st, 2018


Heat got you down?  Is your elevator not going all the way to the top? If you have a few moments, these simple things might help snap you  out of it:

· Spritz your favorite scent in your living space. If you save your best fragrance for special occasions, smelling it can take you back to a fun time and put a smile on your face. Why let it sit in the bottle?

· Pop a multi-vitamin.  If you have been dragging lately, you might not have been eating properly for a while.  A multi-vitamin can give you a burst of energy from the B-complex vitamins, potassium, and trace minerals you may be depleted in.

· Straighten up a little.  Seeing smooth, unbroken surfaces like a made bed or a de-cluttered desk can give you a feeling of calm.

· If you have a pet, give them some quality time.  They can get you moving and give your self-esteem a boost.  They think you’re the most wonderful thing since sliced bread!


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