Silence Is Golden

Friday Jul 07th, 2017


It takes a disciplined spirit to endure the monastery on M in Spain. One of the fundamental requirements of this religious order is that the young men must maintain silence. Opportunities to speak are scheduled only once every two years, at which time they are allowed to speak only two words.

One young initiate who had completed his first two years of training, was invited by his superior to make his first two-word presentation.

"Food terrible," the young man said.

Two years later the invitation was once again extended. The young man used his forum to exclaim, "Bed lumpy."

After two more years, he arrived at his superior's office and proclaimed, "I quit." The superior looked at the young monk and said,

"You know, it doesn't surprise me a bit. All you've done since you arrived is complain, complain, complain.”


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