Smart Apps for Around the House

Thursday Aug 24th, 2017


  • Billminder: Keeping up with bill schedules can be hectic. This app helps you stay organized and up to date on when to pay what bills and where to send payments.
  • AroundMe: If you’re relocating to (or visiting) a new area, this app points out the nearest restaurants, grocery stores, banks, and hospitals in an instant, without you having to search for them individually.
  • My Home This app lets you take pictures, write a description, and add bar codes to items in your house—in case you need to make an insurance claim.
  • Pinterest: Yes, it’s been around, but nothing beats it for quick decorating and organizing ideas.
  • HomeSavvy:  With just a small amount of information input by you, this handy app will provide a detailed calendar list of common home maintenance tasks to complete throughout the year, such as reminders when to change furnace filters and service appliances.
  • Wifi Analyzer: If your home Wi-Fi is sluggish, then it could be because your Wi-Fi is on the wrong channel. Wi-Fi analyzer will tell you which Wi-Fi channels are clogged up so you can switch to a new channel and increase speed.


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