Start The School Year Right

Monday Aug 27th, 2018


The first day of school looms large and scary for new pupils – and their parents as well.  Here are some suggestions on how to ease the transition:


Establish a routine in the morning before the school year starts, so your child can get accustomed to dressing and having breakfast without hurrying.


Before classes begin, visit the school with your child so it won’t seem so strange.  Many schools have special orientation programs to familiarize youngsters with the building and to meet the teachers.


Talk with your child about school.  Be positive – your good attitude will rub off.  Tell your child what the children do when classes begin.


Talk about the teachers and how they’ll help your child learn new things.  Be sure to introduce yourself to the teacher on the first day of school and say something positive about your child.


Don’t stay too long.  Say goodbye and then leave.  Your child may cry or cling to you at first, but this usually changes quickly.  Before long, if you do it all right, your child may complain when it’s time to come home!


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