Support Kids In First Job

Friday Nov 13th, 2020


Your child’s first job, whether it’s baby-sitting, mowing lawns, or making burgers and fries, can be an exciting experience for everyone. As parents, here’s how you can support your teens while they learn about the real world of work:

· Offer suggestions without nagging. Encourage kids to find jobs that play to their strengths and interests.

· Start looking early. With unemployment high, competition will be tough. Urge kids to start looking early. Spend time over the holidays exploring ideas with the whole family offering input.

· Emphasize safety. About 146,000 adolescents are injured on the job every year—and about 70 die. Before your teen starts work, ask questions about the position and duties, supervision, and training.

· Help with budgeting. The first job is a good opportunity to learn about spending and saving. Advise him or her to set money aside from each paycheck. Go over the first pay stubs so they understand the difference between their gross wages and net pay.

· Make adjustments. Adjust your family schedule to accommodate the  youngster’s work schedule. Offer to help out with rides and other assistance as appropriate.


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