The Mini-Lessons in Motivational Quotes

Friday Jul 07th, 2017


People love to read motivational quotes. We love them on t-shirts, on posters, and in tattoos. But why do we love them?

Perhaps it’s because, like poetry, a well-formed quote can pack a lot of thought into a handy package, distilling large ideas into simple recipes. Or like a church sermon, quotes remind us of important life lessons that we get too busy to remember.

Here are a few popular motivational quotes:

· “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

· “Your body has no reason to change so long as you’re working within its capacity.”

· “The greatest limit on our ability to learn is our belief that we already know.”

· “Figure out what’s important before figuring out what’s next.”

If you like reading and using motivational quotes, here’s a fun way to get more from them: Make a list of some of your favorite quotes. Pick a place to put one quote each day where you will see it at a glance: on the bathroom mirror, on the car dashboard, etc. Say the quote aloud, and think about how you will apply that quote to your life that day. Be specific. 


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