The Price of True Love?

Friday Dec 22nd, 2017


If you, a family member or friend has started planning a wedding, then you know you can spend a lot of time planning that perfect day.  And you can spend a lot on that perfect day:  According to online sites such as and, the average wedding costs $20,000 (not including rings and a honeymoon), and that amount increases significantly if you’re tying the knot in a major city like Manhattan or Toronto.

If you want to keep wedding expenses under control, consider these tips:

Skip the busy season.  Most weddings take place in the summer and early fall.  You can save money by scheduling the nuptials off-season.

Pick the right time.  The most popular, sought-after, and expensive day and time to book a reception hall is Saturday evening.  If you can manage the ceremony and reception during the daytime you’ll put less of a strain on your finances (leaving more for your honeymoon).

Don’t go overboard with flowers.  Select flowers that are in season; concentrate more on greens and less on blooms. A little color is nice, but you want people’s attention to be on the bride and groom.

Let them eat cake.  Don’t overload guests with sweets.  If you’re serving dinner at the reception, offer your guests wedding cake or assorted desserts but not both.

Do not borrow money to pay for your wedding.  This is a debt you could be paying off for years.  If it means buying a less expensive dress, inviting 20 less people, or serving hors d’oeuvres instead of a sit-down meal (or all of these), spend only what you can afford.  Isn’t that the best way to start your wedded lives together?

Google “save money wedding” for lots more ideas.


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