Thermogenic Foods Burn Fat

Monday May 06th, 2019


What is Thermogenic Food? It’s food that raises your metabolism slightly, helping to burn off calories. The best known of these foods are spicy peppers and green tea. But the actual thermogenic effects of those foods are fairly low—about 80 calories at most when consumed in high quantity.

The best way to get a thermogenic effect is to combine different foods. Since fat has the lowest thermogenic effect, and protein the highest, a diet low in fat and high in lean protein will give you the best burn. Also, reducing carbohydrates will help, since high carbs convert to fat.

When you combine the right thermogenic foods and essential fats, plenty of green veggies, and a limited amount of starchy carbs, plus 20-minutes a day of moderate exercise (like taking a brisk walk) your body will become a fat burning machine

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