Tips for Getting the Most for Your Home When Selling

Thursday Oct 05th, 2017


In any real estate market, prepping your home so that potential buyers see it in its best light can mean that your home sells more quickly and possibly at a better price.  Here are a few simple steps that can yield big dividends:

Check the curb appeal – make sure that the front yard and front porch / entranceway is clean and free of any messy looking items such as recycle boxes.    

Get it fixed – repairs are important: make sure that bathroom tiles are not cracked, or the kitchen faucet doesn’t drip, to give two obvious examples.  

Spruce things up in the kitchen – if this room is in need of a remodelling, you can update the space quickly and inexpensively with new curtains, new cabinet knobs, and a fresh coat of neutral paint. 

Thoroughly clean – you may wish to hire a professional cleaning service to ensure that everything in your home from floor to ceiling has been carefully cleaned and/or dusted.  Power-washing the exterior is also a good idea.   Make sure rooms are free of extra clutter. 

Brighten up your home – very clean windows and higher wattage bulbs do wonders for making a space seem airier and bigger. This is no time for the energy saving bulbs so if you have them, replace them with higher wattage until your home is sold.

Don’t get too personal – anything directly connected to you should be stashed from sight, such as toiletries in the bathroom or framed family photos, so that potential buyers can easily imagine themselves living in the home.  

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