Top 4 Essential Home Staging Activities

Sunday Dec 26th, 2021


Home staging is an important part of the selling process and is a marketing strategy which raises the perceived value of a home. It gives prospective buyers a chance to see the full potential of the space and picture themselves living there. Most people assume they can stage a home on their own, but it will take the eagle eye of a professional to really make your space sing. A professional stager will always look at a home from a buyer’s perspective and showcase the home the best way possible by highlighting its best features and minimizing the negative ones. When done properly, home staging will increase the return on your investment. A home is typically a person’s largest investment and it’s about protecting that investment and ensuring no money is being left on the table.

  1. Say Goodbye to Clutter
    Paring down is the cheapest and most effective activity you can do. The more floor space you can open up, the bigger your home will feel and the greater perceived value you create.
  2. A Fresh Coat of Neutral Paint
    Now that you’ve cleared out any excess items, it will be much easier to paint. If you haven’t painted your walls and baseboards in the last couple of years, they could likely use a fresh coat. No matter the age of your home, buyers always want a home that feels new and extremely well maintained. Paint is this magical liquid that achieves both of these goals. There is nothing like pristine baseboards, doors and walls to erase all the history of your ownership on the home.
  3. Update Your Fixtures – Lighting, Handles and Faucets
    Take a good look at your kitchen handles, your hallway and dining lights and your bathroom faucets. Are any of them looking tired, basic or dated? Individually, no one item has any grand significance but if all of your faucets, handles and lights are creating an outdated vibe, it might be worth addressing.
  4. Step up Your Curb Appeal
    In the winter, we might switch this point out with something about focal points or accessories, but for three seasons a year, curb appeal is incredibly important to home buyers. When the exterior of a home looks uncared for, a buyer will assume the interior is also uncared for and may be saying no to the home before they have even entered the front door. Addressing curb appeal doesn’t have to be expensive at all and this is your first opportunity to say to buyers, “I love my home and I take care of it.

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