Trick or Treat - Happy Halloween

Thursday Oct 01st, 2020


Halloween may be the spookiest time of the year, but it's also a holiday for candy-filled fun and laughter — especially with the best Halloween jokes to get the monsters and ghouls giggling all night! After carving some pumpkins and filling up on the best Halloween desserts, give the kids another treat (this time in the form of laughter!) with these hilarious jokes for Halloween, ranging from clever knock-knock jokes to punny jokes about spooky monsters.

Not sure which one will tickle the most funny bones at this year's Halloween party? No matter your audience's sense of humor, these Halloween jokes, puns, and one-liners will delight scaredy-cats and thrill-seekers alike — and will definitely have all the witches cackling and all the werewolves howling with laughter for the silliest Halloween yet. And if you're looking for even more ideas to fill your holiday with laughter and fun, be sure to check out our best Halloween games, Halloween crafts, and more!

Halloween Trick or Treat Jokes

  • What do birds say on Halloween? "Trick or tweet!"
  • Why don’t skeletons ever go trick or treating? Because they have no-body to go with.
  • Where do ghosts buy their Halloween candy? At the ghost-ery store!
  • What do owls say when they go trick or treating? "Happy Owl-ween!"
  • What do ghosts give out to trick or treaters? Booberries!
  • Who did Frankenstein go trick or treating with? His ghoul friend.
  • What Halloween candy is never on time for the party? Choco-LATE!
  • What do witches put on to go trick or treating? Mas-scare-a.
  • What does Bigfoot say when he asks for candy? "Trick-or-feet!"
  • Which type of pants do ghosts wear to trick or treat? Boo jeans.
  • What makes trick or treating with twin witches so challenging? You never know which witch is which!

Halloween Monster Jokes

  • What do mummies listen to on Halloween? Wrap music.
  • How do you make a skeleton laugh? You tickle his funny bone!
  • Which Halloween monster is good at math? Count Dracula!
  • Why did the Cyclops give up teaching? He only had one pupil!
  • Why didn't the skeleton go to see a scary movie? He didn't have the guts.
  • What did the boy ghost say to the girl ghost? "You sure are boo-tiful!"
  • Where does Dracula keep his money? In a blood bank.
  • Why are ghosts terrible liars? You can see right through them!
  • Why don’t mummies take vacations? They’re afraid to unwind.
  • What is a vampire's favorite holiday, besides Halloween? Fangs-giving!
  • Where do fashionable ghosts shop? Bootiques!
  • What’s a monster’s favorite play? Romeo and Ghouliet!

Halloween Food Jokes

  • What’s a ghost’s favorite dessert? I scream.
  • What does the skeleton chef say when he serves you a meal? "Bone Appetit!"
  • What is a vampire's favorite fruit? A neck-tarine!
  • What do witches put on their bagels? Scream cheese.
  • What do ghosts eat for dinner? Spook-ghetti!
  • What do skeletons order at restaurants? Spare ribs.
  • What does a panda ghost eat? Bam-BOO!
  • What tops off a mummy’s ice cream sundae? Whipped scream.
  • What’s a ghost's favorite yogurt flavor? Boo-berry!
  • What’s a vampire’s least favorite meal? A steak!
  • Why was the candy corn booed off the stage? All of his jokes were too corny!

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