Ways to Support Local Business This Holiday season

Tuesday Oct 31st, 2023



Organize a Small Business Crawl

Gather your best friends together and plan an event where you visit several small business in your local area. 


Partner with a Small Business

If you own a business or offer a service, consider collaborating with another local business to offer a special promotion.


Remember to Show Patience and Compassion

The holidays are a busy time for everyone, including local merchants and restaurants, many of whom are still understaffed.


 Additional tips….

· Leave positive reviews online.

· Recommend favourite places to others.

· Join memberships or rewards programs.

· Buy gift cards.

· Reschedule if you cancel an appointment.

· Join the email list.

· Opt for takeout instead of delivery apps.

· Like, share, tag and follow on social.

· Attend special events or sales.

· Show your love with a generous tip!





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