What is a SRES®?

Thursday Dec 08th, 2022


Buying or selling a home is usually a difficult decision for anyone. The thought of packing up and moving can be terrifying. For seniors, the process can feel complicated to the point of being overwhelming, and that’s not even considering the emotional impact of leaving behind their beloved home.

When choosing a real estate agent, finding someone who will treat seniors with the extra care and sensitivity they deserve is critical. Luckily, Canada offers a certification process for Realtors® who specialize in working with seniors.

What is a SRES®?

SRES® stands for Seniors Real Estate Specialist. It is an official designation developed by the American National Association of Realtors® to help agents provide exceptional service to clients over 50. SRES® certification is the gold standard in many countries worldwide, including Canada. To qualify, all agents must attend an intensive course which provides an understanding of how to serve senior buyers and sellers best. Once this designation is granted, all agents must stay up-to-date by maintaining an active membership in the SRES® Council.

Team Bev MacLean has both the education and 30 years of real estate experience to serve as your trusted advisor through the unique financial and lifestyle transitions involved in relocating and selling your home. We provide a full range of seniors downsizing and relocating services and pleased to be your SRES®

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