When The Ants Go Marching In…

Saturday Jun 19th, 2021


Most of us don’t want to share a home with ants, but we don’t want to douse the place with insecticide to keep them out, either. Here are a few natural treatments to keep ants at bay:

Cinnamon. Place a few cinnamon sticks where you spot ants crawling into your house. The odour will send ants away. (Garlic cloves work, too.)

Vinegar. Spray some apple or white vinegar on areas where ants have set up shop.

Black pepper. Sprinkle a little pepper when you see ants. Watch where they run to, and treat that area as well to prevent them from returning.

Mint. The scent of mint can disrupt ants’ sense of smell. Plant mint outside, especially near doors and windows, and place a few mint leaves in and around your windows.


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