Where Do You Keep Your Phone?

Monday Jun 05th, 2017


Quick—where’s your smartphone right now? A survey from YouGov Omnibus asked that question of millennials and people in other age groups to determine how connected we are to our devices. The survey found that pants pockets are the most common location across all age ranges—58 percent of millennials, 39 percent of those age 35-54, and 44 percent of people 55 and older.

But some people literally can’t let go. The survey found that more than 50 percent of millennials say they sometimes will carry their phone in their hand all day long. Only 30 percent of those in the 35-54 group said the same, and 16 percent of the 55-and-older crowd joined them.

That makes durability an important issue for millennials. The survey found that 48 percent want their phones to come with shatterproof screens, water resistance, and other protective features, while only 40 percent of the middle group were looking for those elements and slightly more than 25 percent of the oldest group had the same worry. For the two older groups, battery life seems to be a more important concern.

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