Would I Buy Your Home?

Friday Jan 26th, 2018


I’m a typical potential homebuyer, but would I buy your home? I am like most homebuyers and have to connect emotionally.…I want to ‘feel’ the “ahhh, I could live here!”. So what will help me connect emotionally?

1. I have to have a great ‘first impression’ when I drive up. I have to like the outside so much that I am dying to see it inside. Peeling paint, tarnished door hardware, garbage buckets, poor landscaping will all tend to make me drive by without looking any further….unless I’m desperate….and I’m not because there will be lots and lots of homes on the market as our Spring market is just around the corner.

2. I have to get a great first impression of the inside when I step in the foyer. If everything is sparkling clean, tidy, and has good sightlines from here, I will be anxious to see the rest of the house.

3. I have to get good sensory vibes as soon as I enter. If I smell bad odors, especially pets and cigarettes, I will most likely NOT buy your home. This is a bigger turn-off for me than even outdated décor or uncleanliness.

4. I have to see that the home has all the appropriate updates. I do not want to replace that worn carpet, linoleum floor, outdated countertop/cabinets, lighting fixtures, etc. I would gladly pay more for a home that already has those updates.

5. I have to see that the home is in good repair. If I see a leaky faucet, broken window, squeaky door, etc. I will not be impressed. (I may try a lowball offer because of all of these needed repairs.)

6. I have to feel a sense of spaciousness. If your closets are overflowing, your kitchen/china cabinets are overly full (and I WILL look), I will immediately think that your house does not have enough storage. Also, if your counter top, table, or any horizontal surface is cluttered I will get the same impression. If you have too much furniture, or furniture placed so that it impedes the natural flow of traffic, I will get the same sense.

7. I have to be able to imagine MY family living in YOUR house. Your family photographs, diplomas, certificates and personal collections on display will NOT help me to do this. In fact, they can distract me and cause me to fail to see your home in its best light.

8. I have to be able to imagine my furniture/accessories in your house. I will be disappointed if your walls are blue, red, orange, etc. More than likely I will have to repaint immediately because I either do not like the colors or they will not match my existing furniture.

So, in conclusion, to make me buy your house it has to stand out way above the competition, in all the ways mentioned.


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