Your February Bucket List

Thursday Feb 09th, 2023


While February may be the shortest month of the year, it more than makes up for its lack of days with exciting holidays, annual events, and, of course, plenty of winter fun! Use this February Bucket List to schedule your weekends and take advantage of the many things this exciting month has to offer.

•        Go ice skating.

•        Invite friends over to watch a sporting event.

•        Wear something pink or red

•        Tackle an ambitious puzzle.

•        Make custom Valentine’s Day cards.

•        Build a blanket fort.

•        Share a box of chocolates.

•        Read a winter book.

•        Go on a winter walk.

•        Eat a heart-shaped meal.

•        Make paper snowflakes.

•        Deliver flowers to a loved one.

•        Complete a Valentine’s Day-themed coloring book.

•        Dress up for a fancy dinner.

•        Plan random acts of kindness for others in your community


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